About Qmerit

Qmerit's network contained only the highest quality residential electrical contractors in the nation. We are focused on giving you a successful home EV charging experience from start to finish. 

Customer Benefits 

Customers receive many benefits when using the Qmerit program including:

  • Greater flexibility and convenience: customers can choose from multiple Qmerit-certified installers in their area for no-cost bids, compare and accept or reject bids, and track upcoming appointments - all in digital process.

  • Charging station installation prior to, or timed with, vehicle delivery: with a streamlined installer selection process, customers can benefit from installing a charging solution prior to bringing home the vehicle, to ensure a seamless and premium ownership experience from day one.

  • Access to ratings of Qmerit installers: EV owners are able to review and select Qmerit-certified installers based on our unique scoring system, thus building additional confidence in the selected installer.

Before Ordering an EV Charger

Before purchasing a home EV charging station, be sure that you either own your home or have building owner permission (required for permits) and if applicable, have received HOA approval to install your charging station. Also note that “smart connected” stations require WiFi connectivity, so you will want to check coverage. Typically, most multi-family housing and apartment complexes do not allow individual installations due to inability to track and calculate electricity usage. To find out more information on apartment and condo charging options click here.

Charging Station Price Ranges 

240V (Level 2) wall charging stations typically range from about $450 -$1,000 for the most popular chargers. Be sure to check for rebates and incentives in your area that may significantly reduce your cost.

Common configuration options include amperage (the higher the amperage, the faster it can charge), length of the connector cord, and wireless options that enable you to control the charger from your PC or smartphone app.

Charging Cost is Separate from Installation Cost

The cost of a charging station is separate from the cost of installing it. Our installers are licensed, background-checked, will provide you with an installation price, and assist with choosing the right charging station.

Cost of Installation

Installation costs vary widely because each home is unique. For most newer single-family homes, we see installations range from about $500 to $1,200 plus permitting. What factors most affect the price?

First, your electrical service must have enough capacity to support the additional EV charging load. Also, your electrical panel needs physical space to add a new circuit breaker to support a dedicated circuit to the charging station. Homes without sufficient capacity could require an electrical service upgrade, a panel upgrade or the addition of a sub-panel. More powerful charging stations need heavier circuitry.

Next, the distance and “terrain” between your electrical panel and your new charging station has an impact on cost. Working through crawlspaces, attics or on ladders and bending around obstacles can have an impact. 

Finally, an electrical permit from your city is a “must-have” for the safety and insurance of your home. Installers are required to prepare “permit packages” for approval, plus be there for final inspection. Permit fees and processes are set by your city. Your Qmerit installer will let you know the total price of permitting.  

Pulling a City Permit

Top 3 reasons to pull a city permit for your Level 2 charger installation

  1. Safety & Protection: Permitting provides a critical final inspection process that ensures your installation was done properly, safely, and to the electrical code specifications. If a mistake is made, the city inspector is there to catch it and ensure it is corrected before you use the charger. All electrical upgrades must be done properly to avoid electrical and fire hazard risk.

  2. Homeowners’ Insurance: If you ever have a related claim on your home (damage, etc.), your insurance company will likely require evidence of a permit on the electrical circuit upgrade.

  3. Warranty: Most charging station manufacturer’s warranty will not cover any station installed without proof of a city permit. The Qmerit platform allows your installer to capture the installation details that become helpful in the future in the event the station needs service or warranty attention in the future.

Buying a Charging Station

Level 2 charging stations are manufactured by multiple reputable companies and can be purchased from many installers, select auto dealerships, home improvement stores, and from online retailers. 

If you would like some general guidelines or have questions regarding home charging, please contact Qmerit at (888) 272-0090 or customerservice@qmerit.com before reaching out to one of our certified installers.