Qmerit’s EV Network

Join our elite network of certified electricians across the U.S. to provide EV charging station installations in your service area. We have been selected by BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, MINI, ChargePoint, FLO, eMotorWerks, and others to provide their customers with high-quality installations. We focus ONLY on EV charger installations- not general handyman services.

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Qmerit platform 

The Qmerit platform allows you to create a secure profile for your company and upload the relevant documentation for certification. Once approved by Qmerit, your company becomes eligible to efficiently gain new customers in your service area. Qmerit consumers are specifically looking for home EV charger solutions. As a Qmerit-certified installer you will:

  • Get electronic bid requests via email and Qmerit’s web or mobile apps (iOS and Android)

  • Receive digital customer EV Readiness Survey including photos of their garage and electrical panel

  • Gain access to our manufacturer-specific EV charger and installation-related content

  • Manage your company profile and service area preferences

  • Obtain customer satisfaction scoring and feedback

Installer benefits

A few highlights to being a Qmerit-certified installer are:

  • Receive qualified bid requests from premier EV brand customers

  • Maximum of three installers can bid on each installation request

  • No middleman- you are in complete control of pricing and scheduling with customers

  • One certification process valid across multiple programs

  • Ability to accept or decline each bid request after previewing customer location and survey information

Connecting with customers

Customers will complete a digital EV Readiness Survey about their intended installation that will be securely sent to a maximum of three installers in their area. Once you accept the bid request, customer contact information will be visible to you on the Qmerit web and mobile apps. From there, you communicate directly with customers and update the Qmerit platform accordingly so the manufacturers know their customers are being serviced. The Qmerit platform allows you to manage leads, confirm appointment schedules, upload bids, and complete our Closeout Survey.

Installation pricing

Our Qmerit-certified Installers contract directly with the customer. Qmerit is not involved with customer pricing. You set the scope, timing, cost, and payment terms as in your normal course of business. Qmerit bid fees apply.


Click here to find a list of User Guides, Installation Manuals, Technical Specifications, and Data Sheets.

Qmerit application download

Here you can download our iOS and Android applications.